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Teeth extractions provide a safe and effective way to treat potentially serious problems like deep decay or impaction. At New City Dental Care, cosmetic and general dentist Paul Kim, DDS, provides teeth extractions on an outpatient basis. To make an appointment at the practice in Jersey City, New Jersey, call the office or book online.

Teeth Extractions Q&A

What are teeth extractions?

Extractions are a type of oral surgery that removes broken, impacted, or decaying teeth. In some cases, they’re also performed before orthodontic treatment or to minimize risks associated with another medical procedure like an organ transplant or chemotherapy.

Dr. Kim has years of experience performing teeth extractions. Using special tools and local anesthesia, he’s able to make the process quick and virtually pain-free.

How do I prepare for teeth extractions?

Before recommending teeth extractions, Dr. Kim conducts an oral exam and reviews your dental health history. Then, he takes a series of oral X-rays to assess the affected tooth (or teeth). Let Dr. Kim know if you have a medical condition like thyroid or adrenal disease. It’s important that these, and other conditions, are stable before undergoing treatment. 

On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes and don’t smoke. Depending on the type of anesthesia used, Dr. Kim might also ask you to avoid eating for at least six hours beforehand.

What are the types of teeth extractions?

Dr. Kim offers two types of teeth extractions:

Simple extractions

If your damaged or decaying tooth is above the gum line, Dr. Kim performs a simple extraction. Once the anesthesia sets in, he loosens your tooth with a tool called an elevator and gently extracts it with forceps.

Surgical extractions

If your tooth is below the gum line (impacted), Dr. Kim makes an incision along your gums to access it. Then, he splits the tooth into sections and removes each section with forceps. After removing the tooth, Dr. Kim stitches up your gums.

What is recovery like after teeth extractions?

After teeth extractions, it’s normal to experience some mild pain and increased sensitivity. Apply a bag of ice to your cheek or take over-the-counter pain medication to minimize the discomfort. Eat soft foods like scrambled eggs or soup for at least 24 hours and avoid drinking from a straw to avoid a painful dry socket. 

Continue to brush and floss as normal, but be careful around the extraction site. Your mouth should heal within a few days, but if you develop a fever or the pain persists, contact Dr. Kim right away.

To learn more about teeth extractions, make an appointment at New City Dental Care by calling the office to speak with a team member or using the online booking tool.