Dental Implants vs 3 Unit Bridge

When a tooth is lost due to trauma or a cavity or an extraction we have 2 main fixed options.

The first is a 3 unit Bridge. A 3 unit bridge is three crowns connected together. The empty space is filled with a pontic, which is a crown with no tooth under it. The pontic is tooth shaped and one piece of solid porcelain and sometimes metal in the inside. The advantage of the 3 unit bridge is that it is relatively a quick treatment. 2 visits and the process is finished.

The second option is a dental implant. A dental implant is the best option for a single missing tooth. It is a longer process when compared to a 3 unit bridge. It will require placement of the dental implant and then adding a crown to the implant. The whole process can take 5 months from start to finish.

The cost of a 3 unit bridge is slightly less than a dental implant. 

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